Monday, June 29, 2009

Live, from Westchester Medical Center

Hello friends and family,

If you're on facebook, you've probably already seen the pics I'm attaching, so you won't need to download them and get a better look at how awful my hair looks. Just thought I'd warn you, it's bad!

But I'm good! The doctor came in to see me this morning, he gave me an ultrasound and gave the baby an A+! He said, "Every test I give her, she's passing with flying colors." Her little lungs were breathing in and out, he said she looked great. He still estimated her weight to be about 2 lb 14oz, but that's give or take half a pound, and it's hard to see and get measurements now that I have very little fluid. He also said not to be concerned about not having any, or much, fluid. She's making fluid, her bladder was full, her kidneys are functioning, and I'm just going to keep losing it. As long as I don't get an infection, she'll be fine. (And she'll still be fine if I get an infection, but they'd have to deliver sooner than later.) He can test her blood pressure with a doppler by looking at the umbilical cord, and that looked good too.

I've been waiting for ages to see a neonatologist, but they still haven't stopped by yet. I was asking Dr. Smith how long (about) the baby would have to be in the hospital after delivery. I thought they usually keep them until their due date, but he said until she would have been 36 weeks, so for us that would be around Aug. 6th. If we can hold off until 34 weeks, her birthday will be July 23. Keep your fingers crossed!

Dr. Smith also said that if he had to guess, this was all probably caused from a tiny placental abruption. But then again, he still doesn't really know.

It looks like, after much debate, everyone has agreed that it's safe for me to go out for a little while for some fresh air in a wheelchair. (And Mom said today that Aunt Kathy said it's safe too, so that makes me feel much better!) So when Adam gets here today, I think we'll GET OUT! Ajene came to visit over the weekend, and so did friends John, Sara and Sheena. My friend Coleen is supposed to be stopping by tonight. My friend Kate is sending peanut butter balls, and friends Christin and Beth will be coming down in a couple days. I'm so lucky to have such good friends! Thank you all for your emails, phone calls, text messages and prayers. We're doing good, real good, except for my hair! Chao for now!

Love, Mandee (Amanda)