Sunday, March 6, 2011

“You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog, cryin’ all the time!”

Is it spring yet?? I could go nuts with this winter. These long, dark and cold days have just done me in and I’m ready for 60 degrees like you wouldn’t believe. Adam took Sarai car shopping with his sister a few weeks ago and when they got back she smelled like the outdoors, it was the sweetest thing! She hasn’t smelled like fresh air in AGES! I’m looking forward to more of those days.

So much has been going on… where to start? How about here… we bought our first house!!

I’ve had my eye on this house for years. I drive past it on my way to work occasionally and I’ve said to myself a zillion times, “I could live there. I could picture our family there.” The house is in a beautiful neighborhood, .3 (yep, that’s POINT-3!) miles away from my job. When I first looked it up a couple years ago it was WAY too expensive. To make a long story short we put a very low bid on it a couple weeks before Christmas and our realtor said, “They won’t accept it, but at least you’ll be in the game.” Wouldn’t you know, my dad was looking out for us because on the day before the one-year anniversary of his passing, they actually accepted our ridiculous offer! (I know for certain Dad had everything to do with this!) The house needs work and it’s getting a lot of work done before we move it. We’ll be moving the last week in March. YIPPEE!! Who wants to carry some boxes?? Do a little landscaping?? Anyone??

And of course you all know we’re having a baby, and you probably know too that it’s a boy!

I can’t believe it. Between mom and Bill they have EIGHT granddaughters! This will be the first boy. I don’t even know what to think, but I’m so excited. He’s busy kicking away, I’m 21 weeks now, which I can’t believe. I have doctor appointments about every 2 weeks and I’m also getting progesterone shots weekly to try and prevent preterm delivery again. I was SO against the shots but after asking around and hearing from about 99% of health care professionals that it was the right thing to do, I caved. A nurse comes right to our house to give me the shots here. She says almost every client she’s had on the shots makes it to 37 weeks. So, fingers crossed!

As for our tough little peanut, she’s doing great! They’ve started to wean her off the Sabril, so that’s a little scary. She’s getting a bunch of teeth now and has been feeling sick and a little upset, and whenever she has a day of being grumpy I can’t help but wonder, “Is she having seizures that we can’t see??” But she bounces back happy as can be, and keeps us on our toes getting into trouble! She’s now army crawling all over the place. We started calling her Elvis (hence the song title for this blog). I don’t know why, but every time she crawls out of the room and out of sight, I can’t help but think,

“Elvis has left the building!”

And then we use it when she gets into things. “ELVIS!! NO!!”


She’s getting stronger, we’re still working on her sitting alone, and after some practice she can sometimes sit for up to 30 seconds unassisted.

One thing that’s not getting any better is HER HAIR! I mean, really, she must be related to Einstein somehow…. I don’t know where else she gets it from!

They say, “Brush it.” Here it is, brushed.

What do you do with this? Are there products for this?? I said to Adam, “If our son has this hair we’d have cut it by now, right?” He says, “That’s special baby hair! You can’t cut THAT!” Is he kidding me?

Next time you hear from me, we may just be moved into our new house!! Wish us luck!! MUAH!

Bonus... like father like daughter...
(I had to take this picutre in the dark with both of them sleeping, standing on a step ladder at the foot of the bed.  Yep, I'm THAT good!)