Thursday, May 26, 2011

“I'd like to walk you through a field of wildflowers, And I'd like to check you for ticks.”


Happy spring everyone! Finally, some nice warm weather. We’ve even seen a little bit of sun in the past couple days. Sarai is enjoying the ice cream…

Please sir, can I have a bit more??

And I’m enjoying the…

TICKS!!! Yep, found this tiny little deer tick in my arm (after not even being outside) the other day. Really?? Really. Just my luck. I got him right out, I let the doctor know, no reason to be concerned.

I’m feeling totally great. The baby is getting HUGE! Check out this “little” Pillsbury dough-boy…

He reminds me of Sarai on ACTH! Of course we’re not without bumps in the road for this pregnancy. That wouldn’t be any fun!! Yesterday I had a few contractions close together and ended up staying the night in the hospital for monitoring and getting some IV fluids. I’m sure I just didn’t have enough to drink in the morning and the sudden heat and humidity just got the best of me. All is good, the baby is very active, I’m having a few little contractions here and there. I’m 32 weeks now, so that’s totally normal, but since Sarai was already born by this point in my past pregnancy, everyone is being super cautious.

I haven't said much to you guys on here about names, but I thought maybe you could give me your input.  We thought we were settled on Cameron a while back, and I'm suddenly starting to waffle.  What do you think about Cian?  (It's pronounced Key-in, it's Irish.)  I kind of like it!  Then I wrote a limerick with it...

There once was a boy named Cian,
Who went looking for a lake he could pee in.
The cops finally found 'um,
And with handcuffs they bound 'um,
Cause he couldn't find a car he could flee in!

What can I say?  Being in the hospital brings out my inner poet.  What do you like, Cameron or Cian??

So you guys know that Sarai was supposed to be getting a walker and that we’ve got a loaner right now. Turns out, early intervention actually denied the walker saying that it’s a medical issue, not a developmental one, and that makes it an insurance issue, not theirs. This is the first time we’ve ever had a problem with early intervention. This is all coming from all the cutbacks from the state, they are apparently denying a lot of things these days. The funny thing is they approved orthotics for her feet to help in foot placement and walking, but denied the walker. How can she use the orthotics without being able to walk?? I said, it’s like they approved her floating devices, but denied her access to the pool. People just don’t think. But of course our Vanessa came in, saved the day, fought like crazy, and I think we’ll be moving forward with the walker after all. Vanessa is the best!! LOVE HER!

Sarai had an EEG the other day, I hate those tests. Adam and Yvonne brought her in.
(Just look at that itty bitty hospital gown!!  I can't take it.)

Within just a few hours the neurologist was calling me to tell me it’s normal! So we’ll continue to wean her off the Sabril. We’ve been doing that each month. She’s now down to just 3ml 2x/day. We used to put her Sabril in a bottle to let her drink it down because sometimes she would fight it, but now it’s such a small dose we can only put it in the nipple and it takes 2 seconds. Adam will get two nipples dirty at the same time, one for the med and one for milk, but I like to use the same one so we only have to clean one. What’s the point in cleaning two nipples if one will do the job for both?? But, Adam likes to use two nipples at the same time, so I let him.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

I wanted to ask you all if you could to please include one year old Gracie Lawton in your prayers. She is the granddaughter of a former coworker of my Aunt Kathy and she’s fighting stage 4 cancer. I’ve subscribed to her caringbridge page to keep myself updated, here’s the link if you would like to do that too… God bless you, Gracie. I’m praying for you every night.

I haven’t updated in ages, so here’s a few Easter pictures. I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and let's keep our fingers crossed that baby boy Tirado stays right where he is for at least another 5 weeks! Smooches!

That is Sarai's great-great Aunt Olga