Wednesday, November 10, 2010

“I go where the wind blows, you can't tame a wild rose, welcome to my crazy life!”

Hi friends and family! I hope you all had a great Halloween! We rocked the Warwick Haloween Parade with Vanessa and her family. All the kids were SO cute! Sarai was dressed up as a Sarai-berry/cute fruit/Strawberry Shortcake and looked adorable.

Sarai’s cousin had his first birthday last weekend at a bounce house, what a riot that was! The adults were enjoying it more than the kids. I took Sarai in to a couple of the houses and bounced with her, she was in her glory. Then I took her down this giant slide, I was shaking at the top afraid I would drop her, but she LOVED that too!

She’s going to be a roller coaster ridin’ girl!

And the most exciting news of all… Sarai got her glasses! (Did I tell you she was getting glasses?? Well, she was and she’s got them.) They’re supposed to try and help keep her eyes working together more regularly. She looks so cute, but I’ve got to be honest… she looks a little like George Costanza.

I think the glasses will give us a good opportunity for Sarai to learn what “NO!” means. That was one of the questions the pediatrician asked us a few months back, if she understood “no” but we had to admit, Sarai’s not mobile enough to really get into things, so we rarely ever have to tell her “no.” Well, after just a few minutes with the glasses on…

“Sarai, NO!”

“No, Sarai!”



Lots of practice with “no!”

Here’s where it gets interesting… Just after those last pics were taken, after she had only had her glasses on for about an hour, I realized that a lens was missing (a screw was loose, fell out, and the lens too). I looked all over the floor and when I didn’t find it right away I IMMEDIATLEY thought she had swallowed it. Adam and I turned the apartment upside down, crawling on our hands and knees, pulling apart furniture and toys that she wasn’t even anywhere near. We looked EVERYWHERE and after an hour thought she really must have swallowed it. We called the doctor and when they didn’t call back for over an hour, and it got to be 9pm, we just said, “Better safe than sorry, and with our luck, she really did swallow it,” and we schlepped to the emergency room in our PJ’s. Sarai was behaving normally, she wasn’t coughing or having a hard time breathing, but they did a chest xray (even though glass wouldn’t show up on the film and they said the screw was probably too small to also) and observed her for a few hours. They sent us home with a clear xray and said, “Let us know if she starts vomiting or having a hard time breathing.” Needless to say I didn’t sleep too great last night.

This morning I got up and did my regular routine, Sarai was fine, went to get in the shower and I found the lens!!!.... IN MY BRA!!!!

Wouldn’t you know, the last place we looked! Oops.

So we spent the evening in the ER, and the lens was in my shirt the whole time. Oye. When I woke Adam up and told him where I found it he just growled and gave me a “to the moon, Alice!” fist pump. Not bad, considering I probably would have shot him in the balls if we spent the night in the hospital looking for something that was in his underwear.

Then I went to leave for work this morning and thought I forgot my phone. I came back in and asked Yvonne if she had seen it. She said, “Check your bra.” Yeah, she fits right in. ; )

(Just love that outfit!  Thanks Christin!)