Monday, April 18, 2011

Tonight, tonight, I'm on my way, just set me free, home sweet home!

And here we are!

With the help of about a bakers dozen worth of Tirado's, plus Katie and Steve, then mom coming out for a whole week, one broken foot, lots of sore bones and muscles, 3,000 trips to Lowes and Home Depot, and two very confused cats....

...we're moved in!  Moving was, in a word, AWFUL!  And settling in has been, in a word, taking lots of time (wait, that's 4 words).  Our house has needed lots of work and we've had lots of projects going on so far.  I think we're about done with projects and the house will be what it is for the next year or so, but here's some before and after shots of some of the rooms we've been working on.
living room

family room

(OK, so maybe we'll work on those bricks as a project!)
Sarai's room

(This picture does not do justice to how adorable her room is!)

We even have our new little boy's room mostly done.  He's inherited furniture from Sarai, but look at this adorable bedding!

   Not everything has come together yet.  Some rooms and spaces still look like this...
But hey, we're getting there!

We're busy back at work, Yvonne is back with Sarai and everyone is starting to settle into new routines.  Sarai started a playgroup that we'll now go to every Saturday through early intervention.  She doesn't interact much with the other kids yet, but she loves the songs (she knows most of them) and she keeps smiling the whole time!

I hope that it will help her to start to get more comfortable around other people, because this stranger danger nonsense is getting to be too much.

She also got a walker the other day.  This one is a loaner until hers comes in, but so far she seems to really like it, and her PT keeps saying she's doing AMAZING walking!  So the only news to report there is that, Sarai rocks, as usual... so... no news really!

Of course you guys know that we're having another baby in July...

...and you must have guessed that OF COURSE we'll be banking the baby's cord blood and OF COURSE we'll be banking with CBR.  I honestly can't say enough wonderful things about that company and their staff. 

I decided to set up a registry with CBR so if friends or family would like to contribute to our cord blood registry that'd be great.  If not, please please please don't feel pressure to do so!  We've been very lucky to get lots of baby boy clothes and supplies from our friend Beth, and I've had lots of other offers also that I'll probably  be taking people up on (I adore hand-me-downs!!).  So we're pretty well covered with supplies, thank goodness.  But if you felt you wanted to send a gift, maybe this will take a little pressure off  you and give you an option.  No biggie, no pressure, really.  But here's the link if you're interested... just click here,  type my name (Amanda Tirado), and that we're in NY and it'll take you right to me. 

So I think that's all for now.  The pregnancy is going well.  We had a tiny bump in the road (low-lying placenta), but that seems to be resolved, or is resolving.  They're telling me that the baby is looking pretty big on the ultrasounds, good news in case I go into labor early (heaven forbid) bad news if I have a termie!  I'll be 7 months this weekend, time is flying!!  The school year is winding down and spring is here!  Looking forward to sunny, warm days!

Gotta love that little face!!