Thursday, June 7, 2012

"When your heart is all I need, oh don't leave home..."

Hi guys!  I know I just updated recently, so you're probably wondering, what's this all about??  But we have some recent news to share, and after spending a week basically in a fog, I'm ready to tell you.  And this time it's not about Sarai.  Remember me saying once (or ten times) before "There's never a dull moment for the Tirado family?"  Well... it appears that Adam will be deploying with the National Guard this summer... for a year.

A Year.


(Aparently I'm not allowed to say where on-line, so if you know where, please don't write it in the comment section here or on Facebook.) 

After a week of being angry (furious in fact), I'm settling back down and we're starting to make plans.  And we've already had a couple people offer to help out around here.  We're going to need it.  So far...

  • We put an add out for help in the evenings and on Saturdays.  We'll need help with the kids, with giving Sarai her supplements, with helping to implement her program from Active Healing. 
  • I applied to an organization that helps families of deployed soldiers with lawn care and snow removal, they sounded pretty confident that they could find someone. 
  • I've told Adam he's got to leave me with a year's supply of diapers and wipes to save on those last minute oh-my-goodness-there-are-only-2-diapers-in-the-whole-house-including-the-diaper-bag trips.  (I hate those.) 
  • And he's trying to plan a little 4 or 5 day vacation, just for the two of us, before he leaves.  I don't know if that'll work out, this summer is already jam packed, as you know. 
  • We talked about getting a security system, but why do we need a security system when we have...
Very fierce indeed.

It's going to be a rough year.  But I'm trying to be optomistic.  I've realized... our DVR won't be filled with this crap...

And our bathrooms will probably stay a lot cleaner!  Did I tell you "The top 10 reasons why my husband is more annoying that your husband?"  Oh, I didn't, did I.  Well that's a blog that's waiting to be published, saved in my phone for a rainy day when I want to strangle him.  So, there's 10 reasons right there that will make this absence a little easier.  (Ok, I'm probably joking about it being easy in any way, but I'm not joking about the top 10.  Adam's read them, he thinks it's pretty hilarious.)

So we're busy planning, keeping things moving and hanging in there.  My mom sent me a link to the organization that helps military families with the yard work, if anyone knows any other organizations like that please let me know.

Have I told you about my ice maker?  It makes me happy.  : )