Sunday, November 6, 2011

“I see the world, feel the chill… which way to go? Windowsill…”

** Today’s blog title has no real significance, I’m just on a total Pearl Jam kick since the Twenty documentary aired on PBS.

Hi friends and family! I suppose it’s time for my monthly (or sometimes bi-monthly) update. I’ll try not to blather on, like I sometimes do. You’re probably mostly here to see some cute pics anyway, right? I’ll try not to disappoint.

We began our fall with my last couple weeks at home with the kids. We tried to make the most of it…

And we took a trip to Syracuse for my beautiful sister Katie’s baby shower… she’s due in just 6 weeks!!

Sarai is totally kicking butt, I’m sure that’s no surprise. She’s started getting up on all 4’s in a crawling position and is rocking back and forth, she’s going to be crawling like a big girl before we know it!

She’s also able to pull herself up the stairs and onto the couch, with just a little bit of assistance. She’s really unsure of herself, her OT says it’s because she knows she can’t trust her body to react and catch herself if she falls. So if we just put our hands under her arms she’s confident enough to pull herself the rest of the way up. She’s getting so strong!

I can also tell you that her speech is just exploding!! She’s turned into a parrot, trying to repeat everything we say. It’s adorable and so exciting!

She’s doing awesome in her walker, she just doesn’t want to stop. Last month we got a new car, a big SUV, so we can take the walker (and her seating system) with us easily. I’ve taken her to the park a few times, taken it to her playgroup, she just loves it! And her PT says she sees a huge improvement in how she’s maneuvering it and her endurance has been great too. Go Sarai!!
(She's dancing to Super Bass in this one!)

(This is already longer than I wanted it to be, and I haven’t even talked about Halloween yet!!)

Right before I went back to work we took Sarai to three (yes, THREE) orthopedists and each one had a different opinion. We wanted to know if Sarai is a good candidate for surgery. She is SO motivated to move, but her legs are so stiff. The Botox works temporarily, but we don’t want her to suffer through that every few months. After the three different opinions, we decided we’d just wait on going to see any more doctors, stick with one specialist from the Hospital for Special Surgeries (HSS) in Manhattan, and we’ll follow up with him in a few months. She’s too young, she’s not ready for anything major.

Fall fun! Pumpkin picking!!

(Yes, those are actual (enormous) bags under my eyes, they were not photoshopped in)

Halloween was fun.

We went trick or treating with our friend Rose and her daughter. We got a foot of snow the day before Halloween! Thank goodness we had a bunch of trees taken down and branches cut back a month ago because we would have been in serious trouble if we had waited. Look at this!
(Couldn't tell if it was Christmas or Halloween, so we dressed them for both.)

It’s like Halloween in POMPEY!!

I’ve been back at work now for a month and that’s been good. I was ready. I’ve pretty much mastered getting up and in and out of the shower before both kids wake up. (Sometimes though I literally have to crawl out of the room on my hands and knees so Sarai doesn’t see my shadow (she’s in the pack and play in our room).) But they’re usually both up with me by 5:30, so we get some good quality time in before I even leave.

Did I just say “they?” That’s right, what about my other little beauty?? Caleb has been great. And speaking of Caleb, on our last trip home Bill had a surprise for him. Now, if you know Bill, you already know that he’s a pretty talented guy. He can build anything, fix anything… you name it, he can do it! But you might not have known that he’s an EXPERT nick-namer!! Sarai was given her nickname when she was still in the NICU…
We’ve been waiting for Bill to give Caleb his, and he finally did. Behold… I now give you…

Perfect, right?? I love it.

A little something you might not know about Tito.

See that little red thing on his stomach. Look closer…

He has a little raspberry in the shape of a perfect heart. If that stays with him, I’m sure he’s going to hate it. But a little heart on my boy is like a little love note from my dad, or God, saying that they’re watching out for us. Don’t you think? I sure do.

(Much longer than I expected this to be…. Sorry about that!)

** Congratulations to Christin and Steve on the birth of their baby, Dominic! He’s so sweet!

Enjoy your fall everyone! I know I am!