Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In New York...concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do!

Greetings and salutations!

I’ve got to start by telling you guys that we had an AWSOME time at Promises, Promises. I have to say, I like the “flashier” plays better, but it was a dream come true to see Kristin Chenoweth live! I wanted to take a picture with her so badly, but she had a pretty strict bodyguard with her. I did get her autograph though. We also saw Matthew Morrison (from Glee) in the audience. He is instantly recognizable. I made a beeline for him at intermission for an autograph, but he was too busy flirting with Jamie Lynn Siegler to even glance at me. Whatever! Can’t ruin my mother’s day gift! Adam and I had a great date night out in the city. It was a beautiful evening and we had a great dinner. If I ever win the lottery, the first thing I’m getting is an apartment on the upper west side! (Or the east side… or Soho… or Tribecca… or Brooklyn Heights… I just miss the city sometimes.)

In other fantastic news, Sarai is doing wonderfully! Somehow, in the beginning of last week, she has suddenly transformed! She’s loving tummy time, and back time, and her exersaucer. Adam and I can put her down and she doesn’t make a peep!... except to talk to herself with her hands in her mouth. All her therapists are SO happy with how great she’s doing! A few weeks ago I asked Vanessa (Sarai’s PT) if we could have Sarai sitting by her first birthday, and she wouldn’t commit to an answer. By her second session last week, she said, “Ok! I’m committing! We WILL have her sitting by her first birthday! (I don’t know for how long, but she will be sitting!)” So I’m super happy with that! Sarai is really working so hard at sitting, bearing weight on her limbs, and I think she just wants to take off and crawl! I made a new video, so feel free to watch if you haven’t already on facebook. You’ll see how much she LOVES her daddy! Click here to watch.

Of course we can’t have all great news, NO! Not us! Sarai got a cold last weekend and it turns out she perforated her eardrum. She’s on strong antibiotics and ear drops. One of these days, they’re actually going to send me out of the doctor’s office saying, “Oh Mrs. Tirado! It’s NOTHING!” But so far that day hasn’t happened yet.

Our happy baby is sleeping in her panda-jammies in her crib as I type this. She is so amazing! Seriously!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

“Mamma mia, now I really know, my my, I could never let you go!”

Hi everyone! I hope all you mom’s out there had a terrific Mother’s Day! My first Mother’s Day was great! My mom and Katie came out and we had such a nice weekend. We shopped, had a delicious roast beef dinner and went out to breakfast Mother’s Day morning. And, as always, we had a ton of laughs! Like this conversation…

Adam: I’ll go get some sheets.
Mom: Adam’s going to go take a sheet. (When Adam comes back…) Are they clean?
Adam: Yes.
Mom: So you think your sheet don’t stink?
Adam: I think there’s 3 sheets on this bed now…
Katie: So what are you? 3 sheets to the wind? I’d give one to mom, but I don’t give a sheet.


I had been begging, BEGGING, Adam to get me tickets to see a Broadway musical. I’ve been dying to see Promises, Promises because Kristen Chenoweth is in it and Kristen Chenoweth is to me what Hannah Montana is to every 2nd grade girl in America. So Saturday night Adam surprised me with tickets to…. A Mets game. Ok, Ok, I tried SO hard to be grateful, just happy that we’d spend a day together and we don’t get a lot of days like that. But let’s face it, I was more than a little crushed. Then, to my total surprise, on Sunday morning, there he is holding Sarai who is holding an envelope for me… with tickets to Promises, Promises! We go Friday night, and I’ll bet that Thursday night I won’t be able to sleep! (Side note: We did go to the Met game on Sunday and had a great time. We almost froze our buns off, but they played a good game and the new stadium is so cool.)

Sarai on Sabril is going really well. We had an appointment with Dr. James last week and he was VERY happy with how well she’s doing. He said, “I’m very pleased with her progress, and I expect that she’s just going to get better and better.” Good news from him is really GOOD NEWS. We are still struggling like crazy with her vision. She’s doing a great job exploring with her hands but still really isn’t attending to much with her eyes. I’m putting puffy paint and Velcro on her plastic toys to give them different textures. Dr. James is still optimistic that her vision could get better, maybe after the ACTH is totally stopped. That will be another couple weeks. Fingers crossed!

So I’ve been wondering about Cerebral Palsy. They told us when Sarai was first diagnosed with PVL that that was our biggest worry. I asked the doctor about it last week and he said, basically, no one is even going to discuss that until we’re totally out of the woods with the spasms. But I have to say, and I know Sarai is pretty delayed, but she doesn’t have many characteristics of a baby with CP. Her movements are symmetrical, she grabs anything you put in her hands with both hands and when she’s on her tummy she’s trying so hard to crawl. Maybe these are my rose-colored-glasses talking, and I know my glasses can be pretty rosy, but I’m just sayin’…

We keep just taking things a day at a time. She’s growing and learning. She started eating “puffs,” the first food she’s had to chew and she’s chewing like a pro. She’s cooing like crazy, and we’re still waiting for a first tooth.

Again, hope all you mom’s out there had a great Mother’s Day! Being a mom certainly gives me a new appreciation for the job! A special Happy Mother’s Day to my cousin Jeff’s wife, Beth. They had their first baby girl 3 days before Mother’s Day, Addison. She’s just beautiful, and we can’t wait to meet her!