Thursday, August 22, 2013

"You ain't nothin' but a hound dog..."

The title of this post may be a bit misleading for the first part of this update, but you know where I'm headed with that...

Sarai had her surgery over two weeks ago, and so many people have been texting me and messaging me to find out how it went, I'm feeling terrible for not letting you guys know earlier! 

Thank you all for all the thoughts and prayers you sent our way!  Heading in to surgery wasn't bad.  Sarai, even though she couldn't eat or drink was in good spirits.  We had my mom at home so we didn't have to wake up Caleb when we were up and getting ready at 3am!  While at the hospital everything ran smoothly, and they took her in right on time (P.S., that NEVER happens in the hospital!)

(These two snuggle and nap every single time we're in the hospital!)
After surgery.... that was a different story.  Our girl was one hurting puppy. 

Even with a ton of pain meds, she screamed and cried for hours.  We were told in our pre-op appointment she would be in leg casts for 4 weeks after surgery, but the surgeon decided in surgery that with what he did with her hips and hamstrings, her feet responded REALLY well, so  he didn't touch her feet at all.  No casts.  This is how we left the hospital... not fun.

The first day home was pretty awful.  Adam slept with her on the couch.  We literally did not put her down for a second for 24 hours.  Day 2 was much better, and by day 3... WOW!  She didn't even need any pain meds.  Like I mentioned before, there were no incisions, so no stitches or anything.  Not even band aids to be honest!  The leg braces she's wearing in the picture were to keep her legs straight for a day, and she sleeps with them on at night, and they don't really seem to bother her. 
Since surgery, I mean immediately after the surgery, there is a huge noticeable improvement in her muscle tone.  The funny thing is, without all that tone, she's afraid to take any steps or stand!  She had that tone to keep her safe, and now it's gone.  What to do??  Build up her confidence and strength, and get this kid walking!  We got her fitted for new AFO's (ankle-foot orthotics) yesterday and the guy who casted her kept saying, "I'm going to make you some dancing shoes little girl!"  Sounds good to me!  This kid is a trooper.  She's come through her first surgery like a champ.  And check out this hamstring stretch...

Relaxing with BOTH LEGS UP on the seat in front of her!  It's crazy to see her with that much range of motion, and that much control to put her feet up.  She kept doing it over and over!  : )
And if you're friends with Adam on facebook, you may have already seen that we adopted a puppy.  That's right, you heard me.  There isn't enough on our plates, so we adopted a PUPPY.  Her name is Sydney, and she looks like this...

... So you can see why we HAD to adopt her.  She came from North Shore Animal League.  I got my cats there, and they're awesome, so Syd must be awesome too.  So far she's a pretty good puppy. 

How can you not love that face??  (Come on Katie, just try for me!)  : )

My cousin's wife Lindsey, when I asked her "Why did I get a dog again?" answered by saying Adam and I are just like she and her husband (my cousin Matt).  She said, "We're crazy and optimistic and EXCELL under ridiculous chaos."  That's it.  That's me.

(Sarai loves my cousin Matt!  Thanks for vising Matt and Lindsey!)

Plus I think I'm having a mid-life crisis.

I might get a tattoo next.

On my face!

OF my face!

That would be SO bad-a**! 

Except I have to go take the dog for a walk, I might not have time. 

Love you guys!  xoxo