Saturday, January 15, 2011

“Baby you got me, and ain’t nowhere that I’d be, than with your arms around me!”

(Sarai’s absolute favorite song! “Oh na, na, what’s my name?”)

Happy New Year friends!! I just thought I’d put together a quick update and say HOLA. I can’t believe Christmas was already three weeks ago. We had a great one. First of all, Pompey was absolutely beautiful! They had gotten TONS and TONS of snow, and all the trees looked like this…
If you can imagine driving past that everywhere you go, it really was beautiful.

Sarai had fun opening her presents, of course she was more interested in the paper.

And she sure was the purdiest lil’ Christmas girl I’ve ever seen!

We saw lots of family and as always, had a ball at Ilion Christmas seeing all the cousins. In case you weren’t at Ilion Christmas, you might have missed an announcement!....


Sarai’s going to be a big sister!!! I’m about 14 weeks along now and I’m feeling fine. The baby is due July 16th, just 10 days after Sarai’s second birthday. I’ve got to tell you, Adam was really hoping for twins. (I think he’s crazy and I have no idea how we’d handle that!) Well, just a couple days after we found out I was pregnant, he goes to make breakfast and his egg looks like this...!
A double yolk!! I know that can happen, but I’ve never actually seen one! Then the next day Yvonne had a double yolk at her house from her own dozen eggs!

I thought we were really in for it. What are the chances?! I got an ultrasound as quickly as possible and here it is…

ONE BABY! And just so you know, the tech took an early guess and thinks it might be a boy! We’ll find out for sure in two weeks. I’m super excited either way!

In other news, Adam was promoted in The Guard to Sergeant! Know what that means? If you happen to run into him, you’ve got to salute, recite the preamble, and drop and give him 20 or face being shipped to Guantanamo and getting water boarded. Congratulations, Sarge!

In other, other news, we might be buying a house. We’ve got an accepted offer in on a house in Goshen, .3 miles away from my school! The whole place is totally outdated but it’s really big and could be perfect. It would be great if it all works out. Fingers crossed, send happy thoughts.

Sarai has been an army crawling fool lately! I’m so proud of her! She was going a couple inches at a time, but now she’s moving feet at a time! She got a seating system that we feed her in and have her sit and play with toys in too. It props her up really nicely and I’m sure will help her posture. The look of it is ominous (kind of looks like a pre-wheelchair), but I’m trying not to think about it. There’s too much good to be thinking about right now!  And Sarai is kicking some butt anway, so why let it  bother me??

Happy and exciting days! Love you all!