Monday, July 29, 2013

"Must have been wild angels, wild angels... baby what else could it be?"

Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers as Sarai's surgery approaches!  I wanted to let you know, she got a little fever the day before she was supposed to have surgery, and it had to be postponed.  We had HOPED HOPED HOPED it would be just put off a week, but they pushed it back two weeks.  It's been a lot of rearranging to make this work, but it's happening Aug. 6th.  She'll be in casts for the rest of the summer, and hopefully her recovery won't be too tough!  Keep those prayers a'comin!

In the meantime, we got to enjoy a little extra outdoors time that we didn't think we could!  We took the kids swimming at Yvonne's...

And had a great time at the Orange County Fair!
(First fried dough!)

We were both pretty nervous about taking both kids out to the fair.  How would Caleb handle walking all over?  How would they like the rides?  How many rides can we ride with them??  But it turned out to be a great time and I'm so glad we went. 
(First ferris wheel!)

 "Why yes Caleb, my mama IS a llama!"

(Giant slide!)

I mentioned something in the last post I wanted to come back to... I have always been concerned about Sarai's inability to self-soothe.  Since she was an infant, she has been unable to get herself to sleep.  We bounced her on a yoga ball almost constantly until she was about 8 months old (Adam said we would burn that thing, but we still have it!).  She's slept in our bed almost every night for 4 years.  We have had to rock her or rub her back until she drifts off to sleep.  It's been.... tough.  When we went to the health kinesiologist she had an interesting perspective.  I didn't talk to her about all these difficulties, we were really there to talk about Sarai's food allergies and intolerances.  But the kinesiologist at one point closed her eyes and was still for a minute.  She then started to make a circle around Sarai and said to Adam and I, "She is... surrounded by... angels... who are trying to help her... but she doesn't know how to listen."  She then said that she can tell Sarai feels safe with he and I, but that when we're not with her she feels alone, and "out there," "like no one is protecting her."  So she told us to talk to her about angels, and to sing to her about them, so we have been.  And we've been praying with her (instead of just for her) and talking to her about her grandpa, and her GG and great grandpa Losier, her Tío Carlos and Títi Rosie... and all these special people in heaven who are looking out for her.  We've paired this with a touch of western medicine, giving her a little bit of melatonin to help her get to sleep... and do you know what??...
I'll give you one guess whose been sleeping in their bed ALL night AND waking up happy!!  God bless Sarai's angels!  Keep talking to her, keep guiding her in the right direction, we're getting somewhere!
(Sarai, 10 months old, sitting with one of her angels...)




  1. Amanda...amazing story! You are such an amazing mom! So happy for you guys! We may try that too since Kelson still needs the same thing every night! Thanks for the great ideas. So glad it's working and we will be saying prayers for Aug. 6th, but it looks like many people have that covered! Amazing photo too! -Alison :)

  2. Hi there :) I found your blog through the link up over at I just wanted to say that as someone who has worked in the Special Education field since I was 14, I think you are doing an amazing job. Too many parents don't want to trust their instincts, even if those instincts lead them off the "traditional therapy" route. If it works, why not? I think your daughter - who is beautiful, by the way - is so lucky to have you as parents. Good luck and God bless
    And if you would take a minute to read and maybe follow my blog, I would appreciate it. Once I really get it up and running there will be some easy sensory activities that are appropriate for all kiddos!