Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Don't you worry, don't you worry child... see heaven's got a plan for you..."

Hi guys!

The last time I updated this dusty thing Sarai had just had a major seizure, and things have felt fairly unexciting since then so there's hardly been a reason to say "hello."  But for the most part, things have been good!  Let me tell ya.

The kids had a great Christmas, and so did we.  We missed our family Ilion Christmas again this year (I SO missed hanging with my cousins!), but we did make it up to Syracuse for a quick visit, and that was really nice.  But not before the kids opened their presents at home.

Of course all they were interested in were the boxes though. 

You'll see in that first picture that Sarai is holding a sippy cup... this is HUGE.  We ashamedly had let Sarai drink from a bottle up until Christmas (She was 4 1/2!!!).  Finally at Christmas I had had enough.  Merry Christmas Sarai!  We're taking away something you love!!  She totally manipulates Adam and I.  She'd drink out of a cup at school, for Yvonne, but not for us.  So that was it.  It's done, and we haven't gone back.  You may be thinking right now, This isn't blog-worthy news, Amanda.  But let-me-tell-you-something, it feels like a HUGE accomplishment! Whoot!

We hosted the second annual Tirado Family Christmas.  That was friggin fun!

I LOVE a house full of people!  I'm still mad at Ajene for not making it, but don't tell him I said that.  : )  We actually got to hang out with Ajene for his birthday, and later for my birthday.  We also met up with an old GREAT friend of mine, and it was SOOOO great to see her!

Tiffany, we better not let time go by like that again!  I've been missing all my old friends lately.  Not sure why I've been feeling so nostalgic.  I also got in touch with my girl from college, Meghan.  It's been WONDERFUL to reconnect with people who know me so well.  I feel a Southampton BBQ brewing in my bones... I want to see everyone!

We had a nice Easter at home with my mom, and at the Hewlett family Easter egg hunt!  Beautiful day!

And just because Lindsey was mad at me last time for not updating you about the dog, Sydney is adjusting well to family life.

She's done a lot to encourage Caleb's speech, which some of you know is a little delayed.  A couple of his first phrases were, "Calm down Sydney!" And "Sydney!  Come here!"  Lindsey, you never told me how much dog hair a short haired dog could have.  Thanks for that, and happy spring!  Time for me to brush the dog hair off my black pants.... again.

Ok, I'm back.  A couple big changes are happening around here for Sarai, and are a little scary for this mama.  The first thing is that she's been fitted for and will have (in a few months) her first wheelchair.

This is the type of picture I get when Adam is in charge of photography.)

I was NOT happy about this.  I thought we were going for an equipment eval for a new stroller, and Adam comes home talking about a wheelchair.  A week or so later we went to the Abilities Special Needs Equipment Expo in NJ, tried her in one, and she actually immediately propelled herself forward a couple times.  Way to go, Lady!!  It will mostly be used for transport, and for when we're out and about.  At home and at school she will continue to work on crawling, sitting and soon, walking.  She has gotten SO much stronger!  Just yesterday I was sitting on the couch and Sarai left the room (she likes to just be alone sometimes), and I suddenly heard the piano.  I thought Mason (the cat) had jumped onto the keys, like he sometimes does.  I go into the front room and find this....

Beethoven and Mozart are tapping away.  Bring it, wheelchair!  You won't be around for long!

The other big thing is, Sarai is going to kindergarten.  This has been really tough, and there is just no way to joke about it.  We've gone to visit 3 programs, and there really isn't a great option.  I guess I just always hoped she would go to my school, that I'd be right here if she needed me, that she'd continue to be in an inclusion class with typically developing peers who would encourage her and be the wonderful peer models that they've been for the past 2 years in preschool.  But for a lot of reasons I probably shouldn't post publicly about on the internet, she isn't going to my school.  She'll be in a local BOCES program for now unless I inevitably decide I don't like it we find something else.  This has been a very LONG process with a LOT of bumps and nothing is working out the way I pictured. But we have to go with something, so here goes nothin'.

She will be going to a summer camp program that is an inclusion model.  So I'll be getting a little of what I want there!  Hoping the summer goes well for her!!

I was chatting with a friend about all the trials of this finding-the-right-kindergarten process, and she quickly reminded me, "Don't they know who you are??"  And I thought, BRILLIANT!  Next time I have to call up a principal, an administrator, a superintendent (this has all happened so far) my call is ending with, "Don't you know who I AM?  Amanda Tirado??!.... Health Magazine...."

Boo-yah!  Call over.  I get what I want.

This concludes my 5 minutes of fame.  I hope you've enjoyed the ride as much as I have.  Please exit the ride cautiously.  And as always, thanks for coming along!

And a very Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!  Both my kids slept past 7am, BEST. MOTHERS. DAY. GIFT. EVER!

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